Hotel Asset Services

for Lenders

Lodging Partners can provide a “Broker’s Price Opinion” (BPO) to any lender that may be faced with a potential loan default situation and needs to consider a possible sale.

Our Comparable Market Analysis helps determine the most probable listing or sale price range based on comparable sales and market trends and combines our industry expertise with traditional methods, including the income approach and comparable sales approaches.  Our BPO tempers textbook theories with frontline experience to produce real world pricing expectations and to achieve the highest price possible for our Sellers.

When determining a probable sales price range for a hotel, we conduct various analyses that include: brand strategy, property improvement plan or renovation requirements, financial analysis, historical and projected performance, replacement cost analysis, comparable sales analysis, changes in demand generators, new hotel supply, conditions of the market, current lending environment, and other unique factors affecting pricing expectations.

In addition to the BPO, we can provide professional guidance to lenders regarding receivership, interim management, franchise issues, loan modifications, and a host of other critical asset and loan management decisions.