Hotel Brokerage

Lodging Partners provides hotel brokerage services that are tailored to each client’s needs. We mobilize quickly to market your property. We aggressively contact prospects, provide high quality offering memorandums, and offer detailed follow up to close deals in an optimal and efficient manner.

Our knowledge, experience and ongoing relationships with professionals in both the hotel industry and real estate sector will provide you with a smooth and successful transaction from listing to contract to settlement. We understand the need for confidentiality as well as market exposure, and Lodging Partners utilizes sophisticated marketing techniques to give our sellers targeted exposure to the universe of hospitality buyers while driving maximum asset value.

Lodging Partner’s strong local knowledge and national reach allows us to cover most markets in the US from our local presence. We have established a nationwide track record for successfully handling disposition assignments in various parts of the country. By partnering with member firms in various cities as needed, we gather strong local market knowledge to assist in a successful disposition.

After clearly understanding our client’s objectives, we customize marketing programs – from quiet, private and highly confidential sale arrangements to widely-marketed e-marketing and web-based campaigns.

While our marketing delivery system may vary from client to client, many of the structural components are similar. Here is our marketing approach:

We closely inspect every property that we sell to examine its condition, amenities, competitive advantages, and location. We also consider other issues such as the availability of hotel financing, economic conditions, and barriers to entry to help determine the sales strategy. It is important that we understand the property’s full potential to effectively convey and script “the story” to prospective buyers.

We carefully establish a target list of purchasers from our proprietary database. We maintain a strong national database of current buyers and consistently update it to track new and emerging buyers through STR, Loopnet, CoStar, and Real Capital Analytics, as well as other sources. We track buyers, owners and operators that are most active in the industry, as well as those that invest on a select basis, based on location and hotel product type. Over the years, we have developed marketing techniques that mine the full potential of our extensive database of active hotel investors, lenders and industry players and uncover unconventional buyers, lenders, and investors. Depending upon the objectives or the marketing plan, this target list can range from a short list of ten (private sale approach) to an expansive list of thousands (maximum exposure approach).

Property Brochures and Offering Memorandums are developed to showcase the property and communicate the investment opportunities. Our goal is to answer an investor’s questions about your property before they are asked. Our online marketing channels afford us the flexibility to control access to property information at various levels of security.

A dedicated property website is developed for each property. The property website is also linked to a password-protected due diligence website that warehouses all critical review documents. We work with each client to determine the level of confidentiality required at various phases of the marketing process.
While we do extensive e-marketing campaigns, there is nothing more effective than a personal touch. All of our marketing assignments involve some level of personal solicitation to a select group of individuals that we deem to be the most qualified purchasers.

Proper pricing and the execution of our marketing plans enables us to generate multiple offers on every exclusive listing assignment. Multiple offers create leverage for our Sellers and allow them to select the best buyer that fits their selling and closing objective.

Anyone who has closed a real estate deal knows that the period between contract and closing can be volatile. We do our best to ensure that our deals close at the terms promised in the contract by closely monitoring all steps during the due diligence period.